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Brazie Skills


Empowering Prison Governors to Foster Inmate Success in Tech Careers!

Empowerment Through Technology

Discover and showcase the tech skills of your inmates with Brazie's Skills Assessment, fostering a brighter future for them!

Our Unique Offerings


Accessibility is Key

We prioritise access over accreditation, ensuring that inmates have the opportunity to connect with higher education regardless of their circumstances.


Audio-Enhanced Learning

With our commitment to converting all content into audio format, education becomes accessible to all, even in facilities with security limitations.


Data-Driven Skills Assessment

Leveraging government and digital job family data, we accurately match inmates to digital careers, maximising their potential and opening doors to new opportunities.


Comprehensive Support

Our assistance goes beyond traditional education. We offer soft skills training, career coaching, and confidence-building programs to empower individuals on their journey to success.

Ready to Empower Your Inmates

Join Brazie Skills Assessment and foster a transformative journey towards a brighter future in the tech industry!

“Brazie Skills Assessment opened my eyes to the world of technology. It's a game-changer for anyone seeking a second chance."

M, Ali

Join Brazie Today

Whether you're a prison governor looking to explore tech opportunities for inmates or a tech company seeking skilled individuals, sign up now!

Our Team.

Our product has been meticulously crafted by a team of seasoned software developers, designers, and HR professionals. With extensive experience,  with esteemed government departments including the Ministry of Justice, the Cabinet Office, the Department for Transportation, and many others. 

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